Earth-Moon Weirdness

When it comes to writing sci-fi, there are lots of ways to create interesting planets that are not “one biome from Earth, but everywhere”. This perfectly respectable in soft sci-fi and may be possible for the likes of ice planets (Hoth) or desert planets (Tatooine), considering the conditions that create tundra and dune seas. They’dContinue reading “Earth-Moon Weirdness”

Book Review: The Marcus Corvinus Series

I’m actually not one for historical novels much, though I love history and I especially love Roman history. However, Roman historical novels tend to…over-modernize. For a period of which we have extensive but hardly compete records, many authors decide to be too anachronistic in any number of ways. Sometimes it’s as bad as having theContinue reading “Book Review: The Marcus Corvinus Series”

A Guide to Heart of Darkness: Part 1

Intro Heart of Darkness is a frame tale, a novel where a story is told within another story. It may actually be several frame tales in one, but we’ll get there when we get there. We begin by joining the author’s company on a cruise along the mouth of the Thames, where they watch theContinue reading “A Guide to Heart of Darkness: Part 1”

Book Review: Magic in Ithkar

First of all, aren’t those just beautiful covers? Lovely artwork. The Magic in Ithkar books hit a certain sort of sweet spot for me. The setting pulls off something you rarely see anymore: coexistence of magic and technology. Well, really the muddling of the two, as the old saw of “any sufficiently developed technology isContinue reading “Book Review: Magic in Ithkar”