Monuments to Impermanence

I’ve had occasion, recently (or so), to visit Antelope Canyon and its surrounding area. It’s a spectacular sight, a photographer’s dream, whether very amateur like myself or otherwise. Antelope Canyon(s) are slot canyons, unique flukes of geology. The Navajo sandstone of the region is very porous and long, long ago, flood waters rushed through theContinue reading “Monuments to Impermanence”

Why I Hate Poe Dameron

I’ll preface this by saying that I increasingly despise what Disney has done to Star Wars. I grew up with the Extended Universe. In fact, my favorite book is Starfighters of Adumar. Wedge Antilles is my biggest fictional hero and Mara Jade is the coolest female character ever written. Poe Dameron is the worst characterContinue reading “Why I Hate Poe Dameron”

Lots of Incomprehensible Cosmic Evils Around These Days…

The Lovecraftian mythos has become something of a thing in a number of video games. When I say Lovecraftian mythos, I mean not only the specific collection of beings centered around H.P. Lovecraft’s writings, but ideas that draw heavily from it. Cosmic evils are an old fictional standard, of course, but the callously consuming andContinue reading “Lots of Incomprehensible Cosmic Evils Around These Days…”