Book Review: Scaling the Rim

This is not your average sci-fi book. Looking for space opera? Starship battles accentuated with (or accentuating) bizarre hereditary and/or political drama? Not Scaling the Rim. Instead, you get something much more original. Scaling the Rim is a tale of survival, relationships, and conspiracy. We join Annika and her un-modified human science team, along withContinue reading “Book Review: Scaling the Rim”

Book Review: The Damar Books

Robin McKinley will likely make an appearance here again. Her novels have not only influenced me, but also have provided some ideas—debatably to the point of plagiarism—to Disney Animation Studios. For now, I’m reviewing a pair of her books that have not yet been used by Disney: the Damar novels, The Hero and The CrownContinue reading “Book Review: The Damar Books”

Book Review: The Gentlemen Bastards Series

Ocean’s Eleven set in a fantasy world. Well, that oversimplifies it, but that is definitely the feeling of this series. Every book hinges around what I guess you might call a white-color crime, a con that should result in a big take if it gets executed right. It goes wrong, of course, as it isContinue reading “Book Review: The Gentlemen Bastards Series”

Book Review: The Divine Cities Trilogy

To sum up: you should read the Divine Cities Trilogy if you’re looking for something different. Very, very different. The burgeoning empire of the Saypuri Republic, once slaves of the gods-blessed Continental imperium, slew the gods, causing whole miraculous cities to collapse, and essentially took their place. We start several generations after this war, aContinue reading “Book Review: The Divine Cities Trilogy”

Book Review: The Zones of Thought Series

Vernor Vinge (pronounced ‘winge’, though the double v sound is much more fun) is one of the old school of science fiction writers that knows science. He was a computer science professor at San Diego State University and is known for his theories on the Technological Singularity. Not surprisingly, all three of his works thatContinue reading “Book Review: The Zones of Thought Series”

Book Review: Magic in Ithkar

First of all, aren’t those just beautiful covers? Lovely artwork. The Magic in Ithkar books hit a certain sort of sweet spot for me. The setting pulls off something you rarely see anymore: coexistence of magic and technology. Well, really the muddling of the two, as the old saw of “any sufficiently developed technology isContinue reading “Book Review: Magic in Ithkar”