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Book Review: The Shikari Series

When it comes to ‘ye olden times in space’, things have grown repetitive for frequent readers of science fiction. How many times can one read ‘Horatio Hornblower in SPAAACE’? Most of the subgenre seems to fall into that category.

I never had much stomach for that and I’m one of the few sci-fi readers who has never touched an Honor Harrington novel. I got my fill with the old Mech Warrior books many years ago. It would take something really different to take me back to the subgenre.

The Shikari series by Alma Boykin are very different. Take a bit of space opera, a bit of colonial England, a bit of Jane Austen, and you have these delightful novels.

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Book Review: A Gift From Earth

I doubt the classics need much promotion, but in science fiction, the classic authors tend to be so prolific that some great work gets lost in the shuffle. Quite honestly I think their best work is not necessarily their best known work.

Such is the case for Larry Niven, in my humble opinion that is oh-so-relevant to the science fiction community (such as it exists in any definable sense anymore).

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Book Review: The Macht Trilogy

You don’t often find fantasy novels that do a sincere interpretation of Ancient Greece (or Rome, either), but The Macht trilogy by Paul Kearney does it better than any other I’ve ever read. If you’ve got a son who can handle an R movie, he’d probably love these books, especially the first one. It’s a guy kind of book.

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Book Review: Eifelheim

Eifelheim by Michael Flynn is a masterpiece of historical science fiction (you read that right) and it offers the best picture of the Middle Ages I think you’ll ever read.

This book has already gotten its lauds, but I feel it is not read enough. If you want thoughtful sci-fi, this is it. It you want clearly intensive and smart research, this book demonstrates it. If you want an excellently structured narrative, this one manages to split its plot by time and geography in a way I envy. If you like reading, you should read Eifelheim.

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