Ridiculous Acronyms and the People Who Use Them

I had cause recently to dwell upon the insane acronyms I encountered during my time in the Army., mostly because I recently found out that the Army had come up with one for e-cigarettes that sounded about right (i.e. stupid): Electronic Nicotine Delivery System, which is ENDS.

Many comments were made on the post where I learned this, informing me of what might be a Soldier-made acronym for the same thing: Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhalation System.

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The Frog Story

It was like one of the Plagues of Egypt.

Not one of the very dramatic ones, like boils or water turning into blood. It was the one with the frogs. Frogs everywhere.

I grew up in another, more picturesque desert, so I have known since I was small that there is a kind of frog that hibernates under the dry ground until it rains. When it does, they claw their way free from the earth and get to the business of eating and propagating until it grows to dry, whereupon they burrow again to hibernate. However, while I knew about this, I had never seen it before.

As it turns out, when rain does come to MacGregor Range, it is frog spring break.

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