Valor: Tales of Courage from Other Worlds

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These short stories celebrate and explore courage across five different imaginative worlds. Join these men and women as they face down fear in many different forms, from a mythical monster bent on vengeance to a band of all too human horrors on a distant space colony.

The Paladin Trilogy


Book 1 of the Paladin Trilogy

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Paladin Valen has hunted the broken remnants of the dead elven gods all his life. Now he is tasked with delivering a warning from his goddess. Called ‘Doomwalker’ for reasons he does not understand, Valen makes his way toward the great capital city of Crownshold with a sense of duty and foreboding.

He crosses paths with the elf Maryx, a spy for the doomed kingdom of the elves.
She is bound to him through childhood oaths that connect her to the terrible destiny of the ‘Doomwalker’.

War is coming to the land and it is hard on their heels. Accursed warriors stalk the woods and an army moves towards the city with no sign of their passing but burning villages. Valen and Maryx’s fate looms over them, though just what that fate will be, neither can tell.