How Do The Holdings Work in the Paladin Trilogy?

I hold that the world building in a novel or movie or show should stand on its own well enough for people to be content if that’s all they have, but I also have it on good authority (well, the internet, anyway) that people like more in-depth looks from time to time.

With the world of the Doomwalker and the rest of the Paladin trilogy, I’ve got you covered. I know the world of the Holdings very well. I know it in ways that have nothing to do with the story of the trilogy. But those ways are interesting, I think.

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Sparring Thoughts

One of my hobbies, besides writing (alas) is martial arts, specifically Krav Maga. A lot of what we learn at my gym is specific defenses you can use to remove yourself from a bad situation, defenses that have more to do with physics than strength.

My great cultural upheaval of choice would be to have everyone learn practical self-defense from a young age. It does a lot for you. It gives you a tool kit to deal with bad people wanting to hurt you, a tool kit that is both physical and mental (awareness, empowerment, etc.). It improves physical fitness. It also gives you a grounding in the physical, something I believe gets lost in our information-focused age.

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Bad Guys Who are All the Bad

My MMO of choice is Guild Wars 2. Insult me at will. I shelled out for this game and the reason I got my gaming tower is so it runs smoothly.

I was fascinated by the charr race and that’s what my character is. They are, of course, basically the kzinti, including their past history of genocidal war with humans, though their sexual dimorphism is not Niven-crazy. I generally find the world interesting, though the new main cast of the story is a deeply uninteresting set of people. Such are MMOs.

GW2 was the first time I ever saw the increasingly common trope of the bad guys being ALL THE BAD. They are not merely cultists of a world-eating god or a remnant of a violently deposed regime. They are also racist AND sexist AND they destroy the environment AND…

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Doomwalker Marketing After-Action Report Part 1

A fair number of people have had questions about how my book is doing. It is most certainly doing. In fact, I’d like it to be doing better, and you can help me out by purchasing or reading via KU my novel Doomwalker, which is the first in a dark fantasy trilogy featuring brave heroes, terrifying villains, and plenty of action.

Sorry, professional obligation. After the writing of the book, I’ve found the hardest part to be the marketing.

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Infodumps and How to Use Them

The sequel to Doomwalker has been mostly written for awhile now, but it needs heavy edits. I hit the first big info dump last night, having prepped myself with one of these.

Infodumps have a bad rep. “Show don’t tell” is a good rule, but it’s got limits. Use it for characterization or- and this is important- plot. Sometimes, though, you need to just lay out the background of what’s going on. Subtle little nods to the situation going on aren’t going to cut it.

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KZ’s Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

Pour some Rudolphtinis, spike some hot chocolate, or go the easy route of the writer and keep a bottle of wine on hand. It’s time (past time, really) for my Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game.

I warn you, if you follow all of these, you won’t last long.

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Doomwalker is out now!

In Doomwalker (Book 1 of the Paladin Trilogy), Paladin Valen must face his dark destiny in a world on the brink of war. At his side is Maryx, whose own faith demands she accompany him to whatever end.

Are you looking for a tale of heroism in the face of doom and fear? Do you want to join a band of brave men and women as they face threats known and unknown in a fresh new world? The Paladin Trilogy offers all this and more.