A Guide to Heart of Darkness: Part 1


Heart of Darkness is a frame tale, a novel where a story is told within another story. It may actually be several frame tales in one, but we’ll get there when we get there.

We begin by joining the author’s company on a cruise along the mouth of the Thames, where they watch the sunset in serene brilliance- that is not without an ominous air.

There are many things to note about this opening scene.

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Book Review: Eifelheim

Eifelheim by Michael Flynn is a masterpiece of historical science fiction (you read that right) and it offers the best picture of the Middle Ages I think you’ll ever read.

This book has already gotten its lauds, but I feel it is not read enough. If you want thoughtful sci-fi, this is it. It you want clearly intensive and smart research, this book demonstrates it. If you want an excellently structured narrative, this one manages to split its plot by time and geography in a way I envy. If you like reading, you should read Eifelheim.

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A Guide to the Greek Phalanx

I guess I should break down the actual way the Greek phalanx worked since that was a thing recently for me. It was before I’d had my morning caffeine and it was also too cold out to run or even get out of bed very quickly, so engaging in an internet argument seemed like a good idea at the time.

I keep meaning to discuss Classical history on this blog anyway since I have no one to talk to about it in real life.

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Video Game Review: Primordia

Video games are quite capable of being art, and the only reason anyone has ever said otherwise is because they’d really like for those kids to get off their lawn. Primordia, developed by Wormwood Studios, is an excellent example. It’s a jewel of a game, one of those things I happened upon unexpectedly and was absolutely delighted by.

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