Earth-Moon Weirdness

When it comes to writing sci-fi, there are lots of ways to create interesting planets that are not “one biome from Earth, but everywhere”. This perfectly respectable in soft sci-fi and may be possible for the likes of ice planets (Hoth) or desert planets (Tatooine), considering the conditions that create tundra and dune seas. They’dContinue reading “Earth-Moon Weirdness”

Book Review: The Sun Eater Series

I stumbled across this wonderful space opera by stumbling across the author on social media, going on to prove that Twitter is not only poisonous. It really is a great series, hitting all the crazy space opera notes you might want. What does the Sun Eater series offer? Well. What are our space opera staples?Continue reading “Book Review: The Sun Eater Series”

Action Scenes Don’t Have to be Scary

To write, at any rate. Atmosphere is up to you. I have a theory based on…not much, to be honest…that a lot of writers stick to, say, college or coffee shop stories or such because writing action scenes scares them. (This is an epidemic in some corners of fandom.) This limits you as a writerContinue reading “Action Scenes Don’t Have to be Scary”

Book Review: The Shikari Series

When it comes to ‘ye olden times in space’, things have grown repetitive for frequent readers of science fiction. How many times can one read ‘Horatio Hornblower in SPAAACE’? Most of the subgenre seems to fall into that category. I never had much stomach for that and I’m one of the few sci-fi readers whoContinue reading “Book Review: The Shikari Series”