Rereading Lord the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring

I reread Lord of the Rings every few years, partly out of delight and partly to gain greater familiarity with the text. After Fellowship, events get blurry, not helped by the movies. There is no time like the present, particularly this one, to start my third reread. I just wrapped up Fellowship of the Ring.Continue reading “Rereading Lord the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring”

You are Being Hunted

I have very lucid dreams, which I gather is rare and occasionally envied. I guess people take substances sometimes to get them. It’s not all sunshine, roses, and spiritual enlightenment, folks. Often, it has been nightmares. I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from the dreams, which can be wonderful tales, but the nightmares… The thingContinue reading “You are Being Hunted”

Status and Genre Fiction

Mad Genius Club– highly recommended in general, especially for writers, especially especially for indie writers- had a post recently featuring an old interview with the esteemed Terry Pratchett. He made some excellent points about what’s termed ‘genre fiction’ in circles I’ve been in vicinity of- that is, fantasy and sci-fi. Fantasy is often the targetContinue reading “Status and Genre Fiction”

Monuments to Impermanence

I’ve had occasion, recently (or so), to visit Antelope Canyon and its surrounding area. It’s a spectacular sight, a photographer’s dream, whether very amateur like myself or otherwise. Antelope Canyon(s) are slot canyons, unique flukes of geology. The Navajo sandstone of the region is very porous and long, long ago, flood waters rushed through theContinue reading “Monuments to Impermanence”

How Do The Holdings Work in the Paladin Trilogy?

I hold that the world building in a novel or movie or show should stand on its own well enough for people to be content if that’s all they have, but I also have it on good authority (well, the internet, anyway) that people like more in-depth looks from time to time. With the worldContinue reading “How Do The Holdings Work in the Paladin Trilogy?”