Many thanks to Douglas Alves for providing the basis of this picture on Unsplash. The sketchy editing job is all me via FireAlpaca.

My most recent project, Gray Eye: The Paragon Conspiracy, is finally releasing with the all-new Kindle Vella, which you can find on your Amazon app or Kindle!

Gray Eye: The Paragon Conspiracy

All Connor Vex wants is to be left alone. Unfortunately for Connor, he is one of the Grayed, children abducted by aliens and given super-human augments, then dumped back on earth decades later as adults. His Gray eye gives him super sight, but causes more problems. After shooting a psychotic Grayed, he is drafted by the Extraterrestrial Monitoring Agency to uncover a conspiracy by a Grayed cult to set off a massive bomb powered by Grayed tech. Hell of a way to get people to leave you alone…

Kindle Vella is Amazon’s most recent reading innovation. Longtime readers of Archive of Our Own and Wattpad will be familiar with the format. Stories comes in episodes, which are chapters in the way I’m approaching it. The first three chapters of Gray Eye are free. Expect updates weekly, starting next week. Subsequent episodes will be unlocked with tokens, which can be purchased in bundles for various prices. How much an episode costs is determined by the word count; an episode is limited to 5,000 words, which is a very hefty top word count for a chapter in this writer’s opinion. Episodes can be limitless, though I cannot do that to my readers, all…we’ll be optimistic…dozen of you, or myself for the sake of both integrity and sanity.

You can give stories you like a thumbs up to let people know you liked them. You can also vote for a story as a fave each week, which can get the story highlighted by Amazon.

I do not doubt that Vella will be dominated by a certain kind of story I don’t write. I’m hoping Gray Eye (#1, I hope) offers something fun and even a bit wonderous for readers, a modest twist on old ideas. I won’t say it’s ideal for all ages, but I think if you let your kids watch Marvel movies, you can let them read this. I like writing Connor and the rest of the cast and I hope you’ll like their adventure and continue on with me as I write it.

This is a huge experiment for me. Gray Eye is still in progress while I’m publishing, but my word count goals are pretty modest and I’m approaching this like I did in fanfiction (not that kind, for the love of…). I’ve seen a lot of success in that area, not that I can get paid for it. Or tell you my pseudonym (beware, beware the wrath of the Mouse, who owns all and has no mercy). There’s a lot of questions I have about Vella and even more unknowns about how to best navigate it.

For those interested in Paladin #2, work continues apace! It’s admittedly a slow pace…I am rewriting a key section as a matter of fact and my editor will continue edits when she returns from summer vacation. I’m hoping for a fall release.

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