I sympathize even more greatly with those who work from home with toddlers than I did before. I have been tired. This blog post will probably be written in fits and starts.

Tiberius, or Ty, is a very wonderful puppy, and a growing one. My brother gave us a book by the late Dr. Sophia Yin and said we should read it in advance, since it helped him with his dog. I did, and while I have failed to follow the instructions exactly but it was helpful.

The instructions essentially tell us to do what we’ve been doing- constant vigilance- but they have you tie them puppy to yourself, which is really inconvenient when you’re job is not dog training. I do have him under containment and surveillance, though, while I work.

The most useful thing has been about the doctor’s Learn to Earn program. It boils down to “give the puppy a treat when he does something you want”. This is intuitive, but the unique thing about it is that treat is often his food. We did that for the first few days, but then we got busy. I think it made a difference, however.

The information about how dogs think and grow has also been helpful. We’re leaning towards caution with taking him out, as puppies are at severe risk for parvo which is a very dangerous disease, but I try to get him to experience new things every day. Young with puppies are at the best age for socialization with people and dogs before they’re fully vaccinated.

I’m hitting a wall on how to get him to meet new and different kinds of people. By now, he is probably over 20 pounds and carrying him around for any distance requires a lot of effort. We’ll see what I can do.

Another great thing the book emphasizes is controlling the puppy’s environment. He can’t get in trouble if trouble is not accessible. Except when he figure out how to escape…

The book has been helpful and I’d recommend it. Get it on Amazon here.

In other Tiberius the puppy news, Ty is fast learner. I admit I’ll miss his puppy cuteness but I also admit a calmer dog who isn’t out to destroy everything or bite us will be nice. I look forward to him being done with his vaccines so we can go have adventures outside the house.

He’s also been emotionally helpful. He grounds us. We all spend too much time living in a digital world and a puppy simply doesn’t and needs you to take care of him. He’s been really great for that, will be more so when we can walk, and weirdly he’s been helpful for getting me writing.

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