With The Mourning Company in editing and myself searching for a job, this blog has been even more quiet than usual. I’m also planning my wedding. The dog days of summer are behind us here in the Valley of the Sun and lovely September is starting to set in. Soon, I shall be able to write on the patio.

For my…fan (hi mom)… I have been mucking about with another project. It’s sci-fi, an old idea I’ve been refining since childhood, and I think will be a smoother experience than The Paladin Trilogy. Yes, yes, I have an outline for book #3 in the works, too. And a pacing problem, but that’s why we outline….To be honest, this new project probably has more commercial viability, but having a backlist never hurt anyone.

The next few months are looking at the completion of The Mourning Company edits, completion of wedding planning, finding a day job, doing Doomwalker v2 edits (yes, I know about the typos), and finishing Book #3 outline. I also have a Mandalorian helmet that is wanting of paint. Sometimes I need something to do with my hands.

This year has been a challenge. Like many others, I dance on the edge of depression. I pray for anyone in this place and I certainly need prayers as well. I, too, am sick of political ads, sick of madness and worry. It’s important to set your sights on the horizon you can see. Not a distant future, not some perfect dream, but a clear thing you want that is doable, something you can build bit by bit.

Hang in there. Sink your claws and your teeth in and don’t let go. You’re worthy of more than the yawning abyss below.

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