So how did my book Doomwalker do in the pandemic, sales-wise? Well enough that I could pay for a reasonably pleasant dinner and happy hour drinks for me and my fiancé with the earnings.

It’s been slow of late, but I think part of that is my own life going…down an unexpected road, a not uncommon one these days, employment-wise…and my original marketing plans being utterly shot by lockdown (as well as my sanity). My original plan was to poke around at local bookstores, such that we have around here, and see what I could do in terms of events or networking. I was also going to be more consistent and interactive with social media.

I toyed even with commissioning character artwork as part of those marketing efforts. I still do when I’m feeling self-indulgent.

Well, the bookstore event thing has been out and then social media has just become a pit full of alternating rot and inanity that I am having trouble with. Trying to focus has been hard, but I am going to finish The Mourning Company (Paladin #2) soo, if nothing else. It appears so far that the public library system’s local author fair has gone the way of the dodo. I was looking forward to that, my first “big” author shindig.

So where does that leave the author? Sitting in her loft drinking flavored vodka and soda water…ahem…trying to finish her next book and praying for things to get better.

In marketing terms, well, well…let’s see.

  • I’m not sure social media works, especially Twitter, though writing twitter is fairly cheerful place, if inclined to spirals of one sort or another. If you are a super cool person or a famous one, it is a useful platform. I am sitting in my loft drinking flavored vodka and soda water, contemplating unemployment. My mileage there is a bit more limited.
  • Paid advertising is still mixed in results from what I can tell and is, alas, paid. See previous mention of contemplation. I also thinking some of it is on the edge of a scam at least. Other types don’t work for your genre. Caveat emptor. And read the fine print before you switch over from window shopper to emptor. I made a rule not to spend more than $20 a pop, $100 total, on marketing this first book. No proof of ROI.
  • Are people reading more during the pandemic? I’d say my book got more page reads during the initial few months. Also more hits on my Facebook page. It’s tapered off, either because everyone has snapped and opted for, I dunno, heroin, or because my book is kind of alright and boy do I need to get the edits done and get version 2 up. I have the time.

What’s the way ahead? Good question. Finish the second book, that’s for sure. I’ve got a marketing plan of sorts tied to that when it gets done and properly polished. From there, I’m not sure. I need to do social media more consistently. I really think that in-person connections would have been valuable but who knows when people will stop treating each other like lepers. If I was less of a squeaky voiced introvert, I could figure out a Youtube or Twitch thing, I guess, but that requires its own capital investment at the moment as well.

Ah, well, life goes on. Sufficient for the day is its own evil. (Also, please read my book.)

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