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Why I Hate Poe Dameron

I’ll preface this by saying that I increasingly despise what Disney has done to Star Wars. I grew up with the Extended Universe. In fact, my favorite book is Starfighters of Adumar. Wedge Antilles is my biggest fictional hero and Mara Jade is the coolest female character ever written.

Poe Dameron is the worst character in the Star Wars movies and I want to punch him in the face. Yes, worse than Jar Jar Binks. Worse then the other awful characters in Disney’s Star Wars, including Rose with her stupid, stupid, stupid line.  I shall now explain at length why I have this unpopular opinion.

To start off with, The Last Jedi is a bad movie that is not bad in the way movies are bad. It is bad in the way many books are bad. Movies are generally bad on a technical level. TLJ is okay at worst a technical level. It seems shot well. The worst actors in it do okay, while some of the actors even do a great job. The special effects are fine, though it takes some doing to have bad special effects these days.

But on the level by which many books are judged, it fails hard. Books can and do fail on a technical level (ex. Sean Penn’s attempt at novel), but many fail at a more complex level. In a book, the text is what you got. What people do and why they do it is the only thing there is. Because of this, characters really need to have reasons for behaving in certain ways. If someone makes a stupid decision, there’s an internal logic dictated by how they think and who they are.

This is the biggest problem in TLJ. In The Last Jedi, no one’s reasons for behaving they way they are make any sense. It’s like they’re doing things because it’s in the script. There’s no illusions of real human behavior like there are in good movies.  The characters have no logic or emotional reactions of their own. It’s all for dramatic effect, I guess? I would not have written it like this so I do not really understand why it was done.

Now onto why I hate Poe Dameron and want to punch him in the face. He is a soldier, a war hero, who has been fighting with this Resistance since its inception. He’s been under Leia and the Admiral’s command for several years and under dire circumstances. All of this is an impression I have, because exposition is not a thing that happens in Disney’s Star Wars.

So the Resistance is on the run in the TLJ even though they won last time we saw them. No one seems to know what the plan is now that they are desperately running away with the First Order fleet literally on their tails. Inevitably they will be caught.

But they have been working under Leia’s command for years. They know their leadership and they have faith in them. Poe especially, since he’s her favorite and is himself pretty important in the hierarchy of this comically tiny military.

Or at least that’s how it should go, because Poe Dameron proceeds to commit mutiny because he has no faith in Leia. A woman he has trusted and followed for years of war. No faith. None.

He goes into the bridge and gives her lip! This is not how military personnel behave! If he’d been in my unit, I would have punched him in the face! It was profoundly unprofessional for a military man and the movie acts like we’re supposed to treat this act like its heroic instead of stupid and prideful.

So I loathe, loathe, loathe Poe Dameron. I hate him more than boring Finn, stupid Rose, Rey who can do absolutely anything if she just wants to, all of them. I hate this character. Everyone else in the world finds him charming. I’m sure the actor is a very charming and nice person.  Poe Dameron, the Star Wars character, is just someone I want to punch in the face. 

I have no faith in Disney’s Star Wars whatsoever. Some of the best parts of the EU were the military history portions, which were smart and well-researched in spite of the fact that Lucas had no grasp whatsoever of how the military works. That has been abandoned for whatever feels most dramatic at the moment, I guess.





8 thoughts on “Why I Hate Poe Dameron

  1. Poe Dameron makes Jar Jar Binks look like a cross between Alexander the Great and Sir Issac Newton. He got nearly the entire military force of the Rebellion wiped out.


    1. The more I think about that whole plotline, the less it makes sense. I wonder if the Resistance will be back to more than 12 people in the next movie. If it is, I wonder if there will be an explanation.


  2. Oh my god, I thought I was the only one on this side of the planet who realized what a douchebag Poe Dameron was as a soldier. It seems 99% of the audience think being a soldier in a military force is being a video game hero. Do the right thing, make your own decisions, argue with your superiors because “fighting the powah” is always a sign of nobility (what a naive fantasy that is), that you can “rise quickly through the ranks” if you are outstanding (oh how laughable that notion is… they will hold you back for years until you have minimal experience commanding various sizes of fighting groups! Unless the war is going so bad that they are not just short on soldiers but even officers are getting mulched like gnats, so they promote ppl way ahead of their time).

    The vast majority of audiences do not realize, being a soldier is about putting trust not only in your buddies but also your commanders, who probably have way more intel than you and even if they WANTED to tell you everything, it would take a week to explain everything.

    I had ppl argue back at this with “why would a force fighting the evil empire.. oh i don’t know… BE AS TOTALITARIAN? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?” I have never facepalmed so hard in my life. The differing sociopolitical systems and ideologies can clash, but their military arms should end up largely similar: strict and orderly and efficient, because in an all-out battle for survival quick repsonses save planets.


    1. Star Wars never understood the military (General Solo? Why?), but it previously embraced old military SF concepts. This new stuff is just crazy. What gets me is that a lot of the old EU was military SF. They couldn’t be bothered to actually make their military seem like a military. At all. Hollywood perpetually does this, so it’s not unique, but it is always annoying.


  3. Poe just ended up losing the last available fighters/bombers the Resistance had. Leia should have been fuming in wrath. I would, were I her. He just threw away what little available tactical flexibility and options the Resistance still had.

    But the movie kind of befuddled this with “Poe acting out ended up being the right choice because the First Order had a hereby unknown new technology that lets them track ships through hyperspace. This meant if they didn’t take out the dreadnought right then and there, they would have been wiped out once the FO followed the escaping Resistance fleet.” Never mind the fact that they yet ass-pulled another technology right after the Deathstar 3.0 that can shoot through wormholes to reach planets across the galaxy without having to wait a million years for a sub-light speed projectile to reach such far targets in space. Such tech advances in a universe where technological advancements hardly ever comeby. By a First Order that was supposed to be rebuilding from the miserable, broken wreck of the Galactic Empire.

    It makes no sense on in-universe levels (tech advancement asspulls), and also makes no sense from common sense (how can mere broken shards of an Empire rebuild faster than the Republic that was in all sense, stronger than the Empire, which was the reason the Empire had to flee in the first place? If the Empire had secret factories in the Outer Rim, why didn’t they use it to oh I don’t know… not lose in the first place? What was the Republic doing for the last 30 years that made them so much weaker than the FO?)


    1. I mean to say, Poe messed up real bad, but the plot made it look like he ended up unwittingly doing the right thing by introducing a new tech. So the movie blurs who is in the wrong here. Leia? Poe?


    2. They decided that everyone hated the political exposition in the prequels and cut out all exposition. People hated the pacing of the political exposition, not it’s existence, but these are people who only see surface things when it comes to Star Wars. Fingers crossed for The Mandalorian…


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