Do you like dogs? Do you like dragons? Well, have I got a pair of books for you!

Dragon’s Ring and Dog and Dragon by Dave Freer are awesome books. I want more. I love this weird, clever world and I love these characters and I love it all.

Meb is a young women unlike anyone else in her mudhole of fishing village. She is in truth from somewhere else and she has an incredible destiny that sweeps her away from the life she knew into one far more amazing.

It’s tempting to dismiss Meb as a Mary-Sue. She is undeniably special, with a Harry Potter specialness, but she just handles it in such a human way. Plus, she’s such a good person. . If she was your average young heroine, full of anxiety and too much serious self-awareness, she’d probably be one of the most annoying characters ever written.  “I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m just going to roll with it and do my best and we’ll see what happens” is a pretty good summation of Meb’s attitude, I think. Her humor, good nature, and sassiness really balance the specialness out. These books cherish the wonderful absurdity of life and Meb is the biggest voice of that in them.

Fionn is a dragon—a dragon who can polymorph quite proficiently and also a dragon unlike any other. His reason or existence is to maintain the balance that keeps the multiverse together. He’s become trapped like all the other dragons (who chose it) in a world that has been cut off from the rest. This disrupts the balance, and he must fix it before everything descends into chaos and decay. Fionn is very powerful, very cynical, and very witty. As magically gifted as he is, the challenges poised are still almost too great for him, which is a difficult trick to pull off.

The dog? The dog is Dileas, the best dog character I’ve ever read. Check him out on the amazing cover of Dog and Dragon.

There’s a romance in the novels and it’s one of the reason I love these books, being the romantic that I am. It does the May AD 2017-December 200 BC version of romance very well.  It’s such a happy thing. These books are just so happy in general. It’s not that there’s a lack of mortal peril or even sad things, but it’s that hope and goodness pay off, by and large, as well as the ever-present sense of humor and wonder.

The worlds where most things happen in these tales are part of a carefully balanced multiverse- the Dragon’s Ring of the first novel’s title. It is a wonderful place to explore. Every conceivable thing exists in it. While here are many books with a setting like that, Freer writes about it so that it isn’t boring and makes a kind of internal sense. Not many pull that off, at least not as a real thing. Most people do it as a purely comic device, something like obviously plywood set dressing, or else it is way too serious and tedious.

These books should be a miniseries. Not SyFy! (Sci-Fi? See-fee? Siffy? WWE and Sharknado?) A miniseries with quality control! Effort! Good acting! Good writing! Real cinematography! Effects made by a competent person! A lack of Hollywood creeps! Unlike many other miniseries, it could be action-packed and ultimately cheerful without being stupid or preachy. Verily, it could even have no tedious, badly shot, and honestly kind of gross sex scenes to fast forward through. It could just be fun, because that’s what these books are. They’re just fun.

I want more adventures with these people and in this place. There’s so much room for it. There’s definitely some majorly epic stuff that is/could happen, but all the major plot points are wrapped up satisfactorily by the end of Dog and Dragon.  If you enjoy adventure, humor, and romance, check out this series. Available on Amazon, of course, along with pretty much anything else.


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